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Web Directories

Search Engines
GOOGLE - Mike's favorite!
Alta Vista
Search Engine Watch- All about search engines

Find People/Business
Any Who
Big Yellow
Yahoo People Search

Deep Web & Database Search Engines
Web Data
Info Mine
Complete Planet
Direct Search
Special thanks to Uncle Bruce for these links!

GIST TV Listings
TV Guide
TV Guide*
Yahoo Movies
Movie Database
Howard Stern Radio Stations

Palm Computing
Adobe PDF to Text Converter
The Gadgeteer
Hand and Go
Palm's Website
Palm Power Magazine
Poor Mojo's HTML to DOC converter
TUCOW's Palm Software
U Geek
Vindigo - Restaraunt Guide & more!
Palm Astronomer
Gutenberg Project-all the books you could want - for free!
Palm Error Codes

Science & Weather
NOAA Weather
On line declination calculator - Mobile Version
Weather Channel
Astronomical TODAY Page
US Navy Sun & Moon Data
Palm Astronomer
Your Sky
Topo Zone
Terra Server
Animal Diversity
GPS Coordinate Conversion

Knife Resources
Knife Center of the Internet
One Stop Knife Shop
Bud Nealy Custom Knives
Crawford Custom Knives
Bob Dozier Knives
Buck Knives
Columbia River Knife and Tool
Chris Reeve Custom Knives
Cold Steel
Cold Steel's Dealers Site
Cold Steel's Special Projects
Emerson Hard Use Knives
Mission Knives
Masters of Defense
Ontario Knife Company
SOG Knives
AG Russell Knives

GPS Resources
Graphical Locater
GPS Coordinate Conversion
Topo Zone
Terra Server
Garmin Vehicle File conversion utility
G7 to Win - GPS software
GPS Information
Geotrans-Geographic Translator
Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint
Wayhoo-GPS Waypoints
Travel by GPS Global Explorations
Trail Registry
Trail Waypoints
GEOnet Name Server
Geographic Names Information System
GPS Drawing
The Degree Confluence Project
Leave No Trace
NY NJ Trail Conference

Scanners And Radio Resources
Scanner Laws
Scanner Wiki
Radio Ref - Scanner Freq Database
Yahoo Pro-83 Disc. Group
Strong Signals
C. Crane
GRE America Radios
Universal Radio
Scanner Master
ScanCAT Scanner Software
ICOM America
Frequency Allocation Chart
Allocation of Radio Spectrum
Shortwave Frequencies and Bands

Casio Watch Manuals by Module

The Guardian
The Observer
MSNBC's The Slate
Metro Commute Traffic Cams
NYC DOT Traffic Cams

Imaging Resource - Digital Camera Info
Steve's Digicams More Digital Camera Info.
Digital Camera Resource
Photography Resources at Outback Photo
Thom Hogan's Nikon Photography Site
Ken Rockwell's Photography Site
CamBags - Reveiw of camera bags
Nikon USA
Really Right Stuff Ball Heads and Tripods
Strobist - Photo Artificial lighting information

AreaCode Decoder
Merriam Webster Dictionary
What Is.com
Computer Dictionary
Help for World Travelers
Grammer Guide
Ask Mr. DNS
Dig Web interface for DNS Resolution
BGP Links
Robert Graham's Site - Lots of computer security info.
Emoticons - and what they mean
Sun and Moon Data for Any Day
Cracked Computer Security Algorithms
Guide to Encryption
Internet Archive - including wayback machine!
Forgotten NYC
NYC Map with Subway Overlay

Computer/Network Utilities
Whois Internet Lookup
The Complete Whois
The World's End - Networking utilities on line.
On Line IP Calculator
List of Top Level Domains and Purpose/Sponsor
Text File of Top Level Domains
Geobytes Ip Address Locator
Robtex Swiss Army Knife Internet Tool
Bandwidth Tests
Password Strength Meter
Password Brute Force Attack Time Calculator
DNS Report
DNS Stuff
Squish Net DNS check
Online Network Tools
Geek Tools
Ping & Tracert from everywhere
Putty - a very light SSH and Telnet client
Unix Utilities for Windows
Neotrace - A very cool Trace Route Program
IEEE OUI Search Utility
IEEE MAC Address Data Base
Utilities to Download
HMAP - Web Server Fingerprinter
HTTP Trace - see your http headers!
Ethernet Wiring Guide
Testing Network Cables
DOS Commands
Master the Windows Environment at Elder Geek
Protocol Dictionary
Border Gateway Protocol - BGP - Reference site
BGP Lookup
Routing Assets Database from Merit Network Inc. - BGP info
Univ. of Oregon BGP Routeviews Project
BGP4.net's Route Server list
More Online Networking Tools
Public NTP servers
Base 64 Encoder and Decoder
Linux-Unix Commands
BGP and DDOS Tutorial
CIDR Report
MX Toolbox - blacklist, SPF, and more!
Test your SPF records
OpenSPF's SPF tools
Virus Scan a File at Jotti
Virus Scan Online at VirusTotal
Expect Home Page
Public Proxy Servers
SNMP Tools for Windows
RegEx Testing tool
Microsoft Sysinternals
Microsoft Sysinternals Live
LDAP Explorer
Microsoft Password Strength Checker
Default Password List
Packet Life's Cheat Sheets for Networking
RegEx Basics

Open Security Foundations Data Loss Database

Webmaster Tools
Free webmaster tools and resources
More webmaster resources!
Free HTML Editor - Careware!
List of FREE HTML Editors
Active Server Pages (ASP) 101
Web Monkey - The Developer's Resource
Website Garage - tune your site Generate Passwords for .htaccess files
WebSitePulse - verify site availability
JavaScript Testing
JavaScript Validator
Unicode Converter
Htaccess Password Generator

Outdoors - Sports & Rec
Rec Guns
Defensive Use of Fire Arms
Packing.org - Concealed Carry
Sport Shooter - also here is the US Army marksmanship manual!
Backpack Manufacturers
The Compass Store
Animated Knots

Cool Places to Shop
Japanese Arts at Chopa
Wholesale Chess
Thomas Distributing - chargers and batteries
Chess Central
BK Chess
Chess Express
The Chess Store
CPR Savers - First Aid Supplies

Things to Think About
God Checker

Nokia Internet Tablets
Internet Tablet School

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