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The Wizard's Tower: Internet Security 101

Fear not! While daily horror stories abound about hackers, crackers, phreaks, viruses (virusi?), worms, and other hazards that could BYTE you (a little computer humor - I'm a doddering old man, this is as good as it gets, so enjoy), there are simple things that you can do to protect yourself.

Probe your weaknesses
To learn about your weaknesses, check out Gibson Research's exellent site and tools. I heartily recommend going to GRC's Shields Up page using both the "Test My Shields" and "Probe My Ports" tests.

Protect Yourself
The wizard heartily recommends ZoneAlarm personal firewall from ZoneLabs. This is a free product (for personal use) available from:


Find out about suspicious clients
A complete set of Internet Sleuth tools is available at Blue Kestrel. Some basic tools are below. Enter the suspicious IP address into the search box to check the relevant database.
American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN)
Réseaux IP Européens (Ripe)

Asia Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC)
For the list of IP addresses and to whom they were allocated, see the
Internet Protocol Address Space Table (opens a new browser window)
Reverse Domain Name Server (DNS) Lookup tool Example 123.456.78.9
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Internet Security Status and News

What do Infocon Levels Mean?

The Internet Traffic Report monitors the flow of data around the world. It 
			then displays a value between zero and 100. Higher values 
			indicate faster and more reliable connections.

Security Sites

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